Difference between disc vacuum filter and filter press

- Jul 05, 2017-

The disc vacuum filter and the sidebar filter press are solid liquid separation equipment. The vacuum filter uses vacuum negative pressure as the filtering pressure. The frame plate filter press is driven by the positive pressure. Despite all that, there are lots of people don’t differentiate them.

While operating, for the vacuum filter, the liquid will be pumped into the slurry tank. The discs will rotate with vacuum pressure. Then liquid will be sucked into discs and discharged. And the solids will be trapped on the surface, then be scraped and discharged. For the filter press machine, the material will be pumped into the filter chamber by feeding pump. Through the filtering and squeezing, the liquid is discharged out of the machine via the filter clothes, and the solids are blocked in the filter chamber and from filter cakes.

Beside the above difference on the principle, they has following difference. The structure of filter press is very simple, and it consists of frame, filter plate, closing system and the electric control system. But the vacuum filter structure is complex, so it has higher cost and not easy to maintain. On the other hand, because disc vacuum filter adopts vacuum negative pressure, so it’s not suitable for the big size and special materials. And it needs to equip with high pressure vacuum pump, so it will highly increase the running cost. Finally, within short working time, the processing effect and processing capacity of the vacuum filter will decrease rapidly.

These are the their main difference between the vacuum filter and the frame plate filter press. We mainly focus on various filter press sale, such as: frame and plate filter press, chamber filter press and membrane filter presses. If you want to know more info on the filter press function, pls contact us.

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