China filter press market with Environment Protection Tax

- Dec 02, 2017-

According to the 25th meeting of the NPC Standing Committee, from Jan.1,2018, China will charge "Environment Protection Tax". This tax standard will be different among various provinces. Here "environment protection", not only limited on air, water, but also noise. We know, filter press is widely used for wastewater treatment, so this year, filter press market demand greatly increased.

Environment Protection Tax.jpg

The tax is first time for Chinese “ecological civilization construction”. According to different area, different pollution sources, the charges will be different. However, some professors expected the total tax per year will arrive RMB 500 hundred millions. With this new strict policy, every industrial manufacturers will pay much more cost on environment protection, especially for the following industries: paper making, leather making, printing and dyeing, steel plant ect... Our automatic chamber filter press is most popular tool for wastewater sludge dewatering.

Although the markets is increasing, but when you choice filter press manufacturers, pls pay more attention on filter press machine’s quality. Our filter press is CE certificated to meet European market. Pls contact us to recommend you best plate filter press for individual needs.     

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