China Filter Press for Wastewater Treatment

- Jul 09, 2017-

We discharge a lot of wastewater in our daily lives and works. The wastewater will pollute the environment. So how to recycle waste water is becoming more and more important. As the good solid liquid separation equipment, the wastewater treatment filter press will be the best choice.

China Filter Press (2).jpg

The wastewater includes municipal wastewater and industrial wastewater, (chemical wastewater, mining wastewater and food wastewater etc.). The chamber filter press and the membrane plate filter press are the most popular equipment as sludge treatment filter presses. Normally, for the most industry waterwater, we use the chamber filter press to treat. But for the special wastewater with high viscosity, the membrane filter press is the best choice. Comparing with the other types of wastewater treatment machine, our filter presses have better filtering effect and lower cake moisture.

Filter Cake.jpg

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