China filter press manufacturer attend professional exhibition

- Dec 25, 2018-

Along with the rapid industrialization, under strict policies on environment protection, the environment status in China is improving greatly. Although the wastewater discharged is decreasing every year, we also need pay attention on this issue. Thus related equipment develops fast in China. We can see the trend and direction of the industry via some professional exhibitions.

The sources of industrial wastewater are very wide, such as: food, tannery, printing and dyeing, paper making, chemical, pharmacy, mining, steel making, power plant, construction, municipal and so on. However, there are only two methods for industrial wastewater treatment, namely physical method and chemical method. Beside some traditional technologies, there are also some high-tech, such as: Fenton oxidation, ultrasonic oxidation, and photocatalytic oxidation etc.. Although these technologies are effective in oxidizing to reduce pollutants, these new methods are not popular due to cost and technical limitation.

At present, China's professional exhibitions are not only wastewater exhibitions, environmental protection fairs, but also some water trade show. For sludge dewatering equipment, many filter press manufacturers in China will attend, although they are at the end of sewage treatment processes. Professional exhibitions not only provide showrooms for suppliers, but also help factory expand their business. More importantly, they will provide opportunities for professional forums and technologies sharing.

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