Membrane filter press for pharmaceutical wastewater treatment

- May 02, 2018-

Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment always is the difficulty for environment protection, because of big capacity, lower concentration, heavy chromaticity, high inorganic salt content, complex pollution elements, poor biodegradability etc... Normal biochemical treatment technology can not meet the disposal demand, but comprehensive method can realize best sludge dewatering performance with our automatic membrane filter press.  

Pharmacy waste water contains many substance, such as: saccharides, alkaloid, cellulose, organic pigments and so on. Additionally, it has lots of dregs and the temperature is higher. Especially for the wastewater of chemical pharmacy, not only the elements are complicated, but also might contains some organic solvent. For example, while antibiotics producing, every ton antibiotics will consume about ten thousand water. Here 90% is cooling water, and 5% is polluted wastewater, which has very high COD, BOD value. 

For pharmacy wastewater treatment, the main processes are following: waste water → precipitate → anaerobic and aerobic treatment → sedimentation → sludge dewatering by membrane filter press → UV disinfect → discharge. After dewatering by membrane filter press, the final cake moisture is around 50%. If you buy China membrane filter press machine for pharmacy sludge, please contact us now. 

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