China Membrane Filter Press Plate

- Aug 18, 2017-

The filter press plate is the main part of the filter press. The good quality filter plate will greatly improve the filter press performance. Filter plates include plate frame filter plate, recessed filter plate, membrane filter plate and the special filter plate etc. The membrane filter plate is most advanced.

Chamber Membrane Filter Plate 02.jpg

For Membrane filter plate, it consists of three layers and can be inflated to realize filter cake squeezing. Comparing with normal filter plates, it has lower filter cakes moisture, so it’s widely used for many industries. How to select the high quality membrane filter plate to get the best filtering effect?

It’s quality mainly decided by two factors: 1.Filter plate flatness. The high quality membrane filter plates must be flat to ensure the sealing performance. 2.Pressure endured. The membrane type filter plate relates two pressures: the feeding pressure and membrane squeezing pressure. The higher the better.

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