China plate filter press for honey

- Aug 11, 2017-

Plate filter press is the most commend filtering equipment for industry product, and it’s widely used for sludge treatment, chemicals industry and the food making etc. Honey is the popular nourishment, and it has wide application. And the honey filtering closely relates with the filter press using. There are stainless steel plate frame filter press and the normal filter press, and the selection according to the different requirement of customers.

The honey making needs preheating, low temperature thawing, normal filtering, fine filtering and the other processes etc. After preheating and low temperature thawing, it will be better filtered. And for the honey filtering, our food grade filter press will play an important role. Different filter clothes mesh number will produce different nutritive value for honey. So it includes common filtering and fine filtering. The common filtering is mainly used to remove the wax crumbs, larva, dead bee and other impurities. Because the honey is very ropy, and it not easy to be filtered. So we should filter it in 55℃~60℃, and better adopts automatic filter press to remove the smaller impurities. For the suitable mesh number filter clothes,we can choose it according to the pollen size. If you have any question on China filter press, pls contact.

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