China sludge filter press for drilling mud and sand washing sludge

- Aug 13, 2019-

The sand washing sludge and drilling mud belong to inorganic sludge. So comparing with domestic sludge, it is relatively easy to dehydrate. To protect the environment, all such wastewater must be dewatered. Because of the particularity of the working demand, it requires the sludge dewatering equipment must have higher efficiency. Thus which is best to achieve rapid sludge dewatering and dry stack.

At present, in China the sludge filter press in the market mainly are: belt press filter, plate filter press and so on. But only the plate filter presses are the most suitable. Because for other machine, the separation of sludge and water must greatly rely on the filter medium and chemicals, thus will increase the operating costs of equipment. 

Right choice can achieve better performance and higher treatment efficiency. It also can get smaller power consumption and realize deep dewatering. If need filter press for sale, pls contact us immediately.

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