Chinese EPT sludge dewatering device improvement

- Jul 31, 2019-

With the development of Chinese economy, the effluent discharging standards from sewage treatment plants are getting higher and higher. Some local standards have exceeded the Class A National standard. Under the market demand, ETP should be upgraded. This not only refers to the devices, but also include the processing technologies, and the both are an inseparable entirety. The equipment is not only an important guarantee for the smooth waste water control, but also can push the technologies forward.

In China, EPT products mainly manufactured from 1970s. But till the 1990s, the government carried out some technological transformations on sewage treatment equipment manufacturers. Then the industrial standard and quality improves greatly.After that, recent years, the government payed much strict administrative methods to protect and improve the environment, so this is the big chance and challenge for the industry.

At China, the main wastewater treatment machine not only can meet the domestic market, but also can realize exportation, such as: plate filter press, belt filter press, filter press pumps, etc. So next step, the trends must be on the technologies.And the market will transfer to DP (Diffused Pollution), namely called NPS (Non-point Source Pollution).

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