Chinese Filter Press Market Contradictions Prominent

- Oct 25, 2019-

China filter press factory

Filter press is a traditional solid-liquid separation equipment, which uses filter clothes to intercept solids in the mixture to achieve solid-liquid separation. In the 1870s, the filter press began to be put into use in China. In recent years, in the field of wastewater treatment, mining slurry, pharmacy, food and other industries, press filters have been widely used for sludge dewatering, water recycle or filtration.But at present Chinese filter press market contradiction is still outstanding. 

On the one hand, environmental protection has become the development direction of all walks of life, the market demand of plate filter is further expanded. In addition, under the promotion of a series of national policies, chamber membrane filter press is very suitable for industrial sludge treatment and has become the "favorite" in the market. Thus the industry presents a good situation, and improve the development of filter press technology. 

But on the other hand, the soaring market suddenly increased many plate filter press factories, thus intensifies industry competition, and increases the market contradictions. Although there are a large number of filter press enterprises in China and the production technology is mature, for most of them, their production level is not professional or even low. And because of unreasonable competition, the manufacturer’s benefit is poor. So when you want good quality, pls contact us to get professional service. 

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