Clothes of pp filter press

- May 16, 2018-

Side beam filter presses have many types, mainly include plate frame filter press, chamber filter press, membrane filter press, gasketed filter press. As a general and popular filtration device, from 18 century, pp filter press has used for many industries, say, chemicals, pharmacy, metallurgy, dye and pigment, food, ceramic and wastewater. For different industries, the slurry material will be different on temperature, solid size, hardness etc., that decide the filter fabric will be different too. For filter press, the filtering medium mainly refers to the filter clothes. So what's the different for different pp filter press? 

1.Installation method. 

Filter press cloth is covered on filter plate, but the installation method is different. For plate frame type pp filter press, because it's corner feeding, so the filter cloth is only one whole sheet. While installation, just cover it on the pp filter plate will be ok. Very easy and simple. However, for chamber type pp filter press and membrane type filter press, because the feeding hole is in the center, so the filter cloth has a neck to connect the both sheet. That's way it's also called barrel neck cloth or butterfly filter press cloth. For gasketed filter press, the difference with chamber filter press and membrane filter press is it has recessed seal, so that ensure no leakage. 

2.Filter cloth material. 

For different materials, the pp filter press cloth material will also be different, such as: pp filter cloth, polyester filter cloth, cotton filter cloth etc... According to woven method, it has woven filter cloth, non-woven filter cloth, MONO etc.. For pp filter press, the clothes has thousands of types and models to meet different demand. Even same filter cloth material, it will has different filtering precision and strength for different pp filter press. 

3.Filtering technology and flexible functions. 

For different pp filter press, according to different customer's technical requirement, the function will be different. For some customers, they might need open filtrate discharging, however, for others might prefer hidden filtrate discharging. Some need cake blow or cake washing. Different filtering technical requirements will affect filter cloth directly. 

Additionally, flexible functions of pp filter press will aslo affect the filter clothes, such as: inclining device, plate shaking device etc... For them, the filter cloth will be different with normal. If you want to know more info on pp filter press and filter clothes, pls call us now. 

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