Coconut Oil Plate Filter Press

- May 20, 2018-

Today Chinese people are becoming rich, and has higher requirement on the life quality. And people are begin to accept coconut oil, and believe it can bring health. In fact, coconut oil is very popular in around countries, say, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia etc., because of high temperature. Generally, coconut oil include two types: VCO and RBD. VCO means VIRGIN COCONUT OIL; RBD means REFINED, BLEACHED and DEODORIZED. For the both might need our plate filter press

Let take the VCO as example. VCO has many methods to make. And the principle will be different, such as: squeeze or centrifuge. Beside, there are also have some detail difference. For example, some use hot water to extract oil, and some use enzymolysis to get the oil. But no matter which method it might use our pp plate filter press. We will recommend different filter press types for different methods, so that get the best filtering performance. 

For coconut oil filter press, the plate must use food grade filter press. Although in this industry, customer's capacity is not big, but must cost saving and easy operation. For RBD, it might has higher filtering precision demand, then might consider filter paper for fine filtration. More info on coconut oil plate filter press, pls contact us now.     

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