Consists of chamber and membrane filter press

- Jun 06, 2018-

Now for environmental protection, China's legal system is more and more improving and people's consciousness is furthering. Thus our chamber filter press and membrane filter press is more and more popular. Here we share some knowledge on their stricture. 

For SINO filter presses, we are mainly manufacture side beam filter presses. Our filter press series, include pp filter press, cast iron filter press and stainless steel filter press. No matter which series, their structure basically same, namely, closing device, plate pack, filter cloth and side girder. While filtering, closing system squeeze plate pack together and filtering chamber forms. Then material are ejected into it to realize filtration process. For chamber filter press and membrane filter press, their main difference is on the filter plate pack. 

For chamber filter press, the plate just chamber type filter plate, which is solid. However, for the membrane filter press, it's plate only only chamber filter plate, but also membrane filter plate, which is hollow. That's why some customer call membrane filter press as “chamber membrane filter press”. Now membrane filter press is most advanced filter press type and famous for it's cake squeezing function. Pls contact us to get more membrane filter press principle, membrane filter press application and membrane filter press animation. 

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