Control importance of a automatic filter press

- Nov 28, 2017-

In China, every industry develops fast and further, so comprehensive utilization plays more important roles. And the solids in the slurry becomes more and more fine. Thus there a big challenge for traditional side beam filter presses, and even can not meet the filtration demand of viscous and fine materials. So new generation filter press design becomes urgent affairs.

Filter Press Control System.jpg

The control system is the brain of the filter press machine. It processes all info of every action and movement and output every order to realize the filter press functions. So control system performance directly reflect a filter press’s performance. Here control system mainly refers to the PLC, Programmable Logic Controller.

To satisfy general comprehensive filtration demand and stable performance, SINO plate filter press adopts international famous brand PLC: SIEMENS. Compraring with other China filter press manufacturer, our software is optimized and more reasonable. Besides control filter press, our automatic filter press can control flexible functions: drip tray, belt conveyor, filter cloth washing system etc... Pls contact us for filter press specifications.

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