Correct operation of plate frame filter press

- Sep 10, 2017-

Plate filter press is a intermittent operation filtration equipment, and it’s used for solid-liquid separation by the pressure. Because it has simple structure, easy operation and good filtering performance. So it’s widely used for petroleum, chemicals, mining, pharmacy, food and wastewater etc. So the right operation is very important.

China Filter Press Machine.JPG

For the operation of plate frame filter press operation, pls pay attention to the follow points: 1.When the filter press plate is abnormal, pls do not operate. Such as: (1) the filter plates quantity whether can meet the required number. (2) If membrane filter press or recessed filter press, the filter plates are in right order or not. (3) pls check the filter plate whether has deform or broken. 2.Before the filter press operation, pls check the filter press machine carefully. The checking contents include filter plates, filter clothes (Make sure the filter cloth no break), hydraulic station( enough hydraulic oil and undamaged sealing etc), electric control cabinet etc. 3.Select the suitable filter clothes. The filter press cloth must meet the filtering technology requirement. On one hand, the filter cloth should match with the filter plates. On the other hand, the filter cloth material and permeability should be suitable, because it will influence the performance.

Filter press is a good dewatering and filtration equipment. Correct filter press operation can highly improve the filtering performance and efficiency. Pls contact us for more China filter press.

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