Cotton filter press cloth for food or high temperature material

- Aug 30, 2017-

For the filter press, the filter cloth material is the important part, it will directly affect the filtering effect. So for the selection, we should to know some points, such as: the material temperature, PH value and the solid size etc... For the cotton filter cloth, it’s mainly used for the high temperature material or food industry, especially high temperature materials. And this filter press clothes is expensive.

Cotton Filter Press Cloth.jpg

For cotton filter cloth, according to the filter cloth mesh size (warp and weft), it can be divided into: 6*6, 8*8, 10*10 etc; according to the type of yarn, it can be divided into: 10 yarns and 21 yarns etc; according to materials, it normally includes the polyester cotton filter cloth and the pure cotton filter cloth. Cotton flter cloth mainly used for chamber filter plate, because of poor extensibility.

Cotton filter press clothes can endure high temperature. Generally, when the temperature is under the 120℃, we normally recommend the polyester cotton filter clothes. But if the material is much higher, say, 150℃, the pure cotton cloth will be recommended. Because it can bear even 200℃. If you want to buy from filter cloth manufacturer, pls contact us.

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