Comparative Analysis of Deep Mechanical Sludge Dewatering Technology

- Apr 11, 2020-

With the development of urbanization and industrialization, sludge production is increasing sharply every year. But in China, before, the market mainly focus on water, but did not pay enough attention on the mud. This phenomenon once was more and more prominent in the development of wastewater treatment. However, in recent years, under governmental strict policy and regulations, this situation is changing. Sludge treatment becomes more and more important. To dewater sludge, normally adopts mechanical methods. According to the principle, sludge mechanical dehydration technology can be divided into three types: vacuum filtration, pressure filtration and centrifugal dehydration. What’s their difference? 

250 SINO membrane filter press_副本

Before that, let us introduce some knowledge on various sludge. According to original source, sludge can be roughly divided into three types: drainage sludge, domestic sewage sludge and industrial sludge. The first both are normally called municipal sludge. And the industrial sludge generally include organic type sludge and inorganic sludge. 

Vacuum filtration are often used in mining, FGD, and chemical industry. It can continuously work with big capacity. But final cake moisture generally is higher. Centrifugal dewatering can be used in many industries, but the residual moisture also is higher. And it has higher running cost and maintenance cost.  Pressure filtration includes many machines, such as, belt filter press, plate filter press, screw filter etc... Different devices has different features. For example, plate filter has most widely applications, it has highest cost performance, and the dewatering performance is better than vacuum and centrifugal type, but normally it’s intermittent working. So pls contact us, so that we guide you to adopts most suitable machine for your individual materials. 

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