Best Dewatering Filter Press Machine

- Jul 30, 2017-

Dewatering machines also names the solid-liquid separation equipment. And it includes filter press machine, screw filter press, belt filter press and vacuum filter etc. So how to chose the suitable dewatering equipment?

polypropylene filter plates 54.jpg

For the plate frame filter press, normally it is divided into frame and plate filter press, chamber filter press, membrane filter press, special filter press etc. Because it has simple structure, easy operation and good filtering effect, it is most popularly used in various industries, such as: ceramic industry, mining, petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, medicine, foodstuff, paper making and the waste water treatment etc.

The screw filter press, that mainly uses waste water treatment, especially for the oil sludge. And their treating procession accord the thickening, dewatering and self-washing. It can realize running continuously for 24 hours, and not easy to block.

For the belt filter press, it mainly rely on the pressure of two belts to complete the dehydration. The dehydration procession includes pretreatment, gravity dehydration, wedge shaped dehydration and squeezing dehydration. And the thickening system of the belt filter press includes drum thickener and belt thickener. We can according to different concentration to chose different thickening system.

The vacuum filter includes the disk vacuum filter and the belt vacuum filter etc. And its filtering pressure mainly is the vacuum negative pressure. So it’s not suitable for the big size materials and the other special materials, besides, it also need to equip with high pressure vacuum pump. The vacuum filter has complex structure, higher cost and not easy to maintain.

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