When recommend the electrical hydraulic filter press?

- Aug 31, 2018-

As we know, plate filter presses have many types according to the plate types and closing method. One of them is electrical hydraulic filter press, which is very popular. What situation the electrical hydraulic filter press is most suitable? And why recommend?

For this point, we should know the filter press closing types. Generally one is man power closing, such as, manual jack, manual screw, manual hydraulic pump etc... Another type is electrical motor driven, such as: mechanical filter press, hydraulic filter press, automatic filter press etc... Comparing with man power driven and mechanical driven. The hydraulic system has much bigger squeezing force, thus it can squeeze plate much more perfectly. 

For foreign market, except 380 and 450 series plate filter presses, all we will recommend belong to hydraulic filter presses, so that to get best filtering performance. Because higher closing pressure means the plate filter press can endure higher filtering pressure. Thus the dewatering result will be better than normal. Pls contact us for plate filter press specifications and hydraulic filter press price.

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