Explosion Proof Hydraulic Filter Press

- Jul 29, 2018-

Hydraulic filter press is the most popular filter press type. So they widely used in many industry, such as, oil, chemical etc... Thus some special working situation requires explosion proof design to ensure safety. For explosion, it must meet three points together: explosive substances, oxygen and Ignition source. We know, hydraulic filter press adopts open structure, so the anti-explosion designing mainly focus on the Ignition source. How? 

For the hydraulic filter press, the Ignition source mainly relates to the electrical elements. Those elements include oil motor, electric control cabinet, limit switches etc.. Beside that, for hydraulic filter presses, we also need to consider the parts of hydraulic system, where also need electricity, for example, electrical contact pressure gauges, electromagnetic valves etc.. SINO hydraulic filter press can perfectly ensure anti-explosion design. Pls consult us on the explosion proof hydraulic filter press price. 

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