Factors influencing the service life of plate-frame filter Press

- Apr 25, 2017-

The service life of plate and frame filter presses is a problem that many customers are very concerned about, want to let the plate-box filter Press the service life of the effective extension, can be in the ordinary operation to pay more attention to some detail problems, today to give you a brief introduction of the impact of the plate-box filter press life factors.

Firstly, the factors influencing the service life of the plate and frame filter press are filtered. In fact, many factors of the filter are important influence on the use of the plate-box filter press, such as temperature, dense density, solid hardness and its properties. We are described by the density of the filter. When the plate-box filter design is filtered and the actual filter thick density difference is very far, the plate filter press in their own pressing process is equivalent to the load, the equipment is to meet the normal filtration work, will provide the filter plate more pressure than design, can even exceed several times, when some new plate-box filter press may be used in the initial use of the work, the use of the plate filter press the various performance of the reduction, long time is the plate-box filter Press various parts have a lot of damage, Undoubtedly, like the "Suicide" of the plate-box filter press.

In addition to being filtered, the use of the plate-box filter presses the environment to use a very important factor. In the industrial production of plate and box filter press work environment that is quite bad, in which the humid environment is the plate-box filter press will face difficulties, although all the plate filter manufacturers will be at design time to do everything to deal with the problem. However, in the use of the plate and box filter press will be a lot of occurrence. So we use the plate-box filter press process, pay more attention to the plate-box filter press moisture treatment.

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