Feeding pumps of hydraulic pp filter press

- Aug 04, 2018-

For a pp filter press, the feed pump is like the heart of the human body. Choosing a suitable pump is important. But here are many pumps for a hydraulic filter press, such as: centrifuge pump, plunger pump, etc... Here we The following talk about advantages and disadvantages of the diaphragm pump and screw pump, so that to match the right pp filter press machine.

Advantages of the diaphragm pump: 

1.Lower operating costs. 2.The operation is simple, and the flow can be automatically balanced with the increase of the filtration resistance; 3.Save space and easy to install.4. The pressure is easy to be controlled. 5.It as better suction. 6. Big solids are allowed.  

Disadvantages of the diaphragm pump:

1.The pressure cannot be very high, and it is limited by the pressure of the air source. 2.The flow is usually not too large.

Advantages of the screw pump:

1.Wide range of pressure. The pressure can be 1.2 MPa or higher. 2.Uniform and continuous flow, with low vibration and low noise. 3.Easy to install and maintain.

Disadvantages of the screw pump:

1.Higher cost. 2. The assembly requirements is high. 3.Limited on the solid size and solid content.

Every pumps have their own advantages, according to the actual situation to choose the appropriate pump. For example, if the material is easy to be filtered, we will consider membrane pump for a hydraulic filter press. If has strictly flow stability requirement, screw pump is a better choice for a pp filter press. If you need hydraulic pp filter press or feed pumps, pls contact us.

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