How to choose filter cloth for a plate filter press?

- Jul 08, 2018-

In the operation of plate filter press, filter cloth is essential. So how do we choose the suitable filter cloth for your industry? 

Firstly, the most important thing is the nature of your material. The performance of a plate filter press, directly affected by the solid nature. This factor accounts for more than 75%. Detail speaking, it mainly include four aspects: (1.)Solid viscosity. It directly affects the working efficiency of the plate filter press. The stronger the adhesion of filter particle, the lower the efficiency. At this moment, we can choose monofilament filter cloth or satin woven filter cloth. (2.) PH value. Different levels of acid and alkali need to choose different types of filter cloth for the plate filter press. The polyester filter cloth has the best acid resistant, the vinylon filter cloth has the best alkali resistance, and the polypropylene filter cloth has good acid and alkali resistance. (3.) The shape of solids. We can consider the abrasive resistance of the filter press clothes according to whether the particles are uniform, size, hardness etc... The best abrasive resistance are polyester filter cloth and chinlon filter cloth. (4.)The temperature of the material. For a pp plate filter press, the temperature not only affects the filter plates, but also affect the filter clothes. The highest temperature resistance is cotton filter cloth. 

Secondly, the designing of plate filter press. For different plate filter presses, for example, the sidebeam plate filter press and topbeam plate filter press, the filter cloth structure will be different. Finally, it is the customer's request. Such as, some customer want to improve the efficiency of plate filter press, they might prefers velcro filter clothes. Pls contact us for more info on plate filter presses. 

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