How to install filter cloth of plate frame filter press?

- Feb 02, 2018-

Plate frame filter press is a general name of side beam filter press. According to filter cloth installation, there are several filter press types: chamber filter press, gasketed filter press and plate frame filter press. For different filter presses, the cloth installation will be different, and plate frame filter press is easiest. The filter cloth installation method is depended on the filter plate structure.

China Filter Press Cloth.jpg

Comparing with plate frame filter press, because the chamber filter press has a center inlet hole, so the filter cloth must be go through the plate, and chamber filter press clothes are called “Butterfly Filter Cloth” or “Barrel Neck Filter Cloth”. While installation, one side filter cloth will be folded as a roll, then put it through the center hole, then unfold will be ok.

Here pls note, the membrane filter press is a special chamber filter press, so it’s installation is same. Additionally, for gasketed filter press, beside the above steps, it will need to install the recessed seals. For seals, they will be hammered into the recessed grooves by a soft hammer. For plate frame filter press, it will be much easier. Normally the filter cloth will be directly covered on the filter press plate or filter frame. If you want to know how to install the plate frame filter press clothes, pls contact us.  

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