Automatic filter cloth washing system of filter press

- Jun 10, 2017-

For filter press design, filter cloth washing is a important part, especially for some wastewater filter press. Comparing with traditional manual cloth washing devices, the automatic filter cloth washing system is the most advanced. Whilefilter press operation, it don’t need to remove the filter press cloth, and can wash filter clothes directly, so it has much higher efficiency.

Filter Press Cloth Washing.jpg

After one or several work cycles, the filter clothes might be blocked and the filtering performance will decrease, then the automatic filter cloth washer will work to regenerate the filter clothes. Our filter cloth washing system has good washing effect and big wash area. In addition, the operation can be controlled by PLC to realized unattended operation. That saved the manpower and increase the efficiency.


The automatic filter cloth washing device has advantages, but for the foreign markets, we don’t recommend the system because of following reasons:
1.High cost. It additionally needs the washing pump and the drip tray, and the washing water need be recycled.
2.Large structural dimension, so it need be took apart to put into container for transportation.
3.Site installation. That maybe need our engineer to install and commissioning, and this also increase the cost.

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