Notation for Changing Filter Plate

- Jul 06, 2017-

The filter plates are the most important part for a filter press, so we need to maintain in time. Normally we use original filter plate from the filter press manufacturer where we bought the machine. Sometime, maybe we can find  the filter plates with high quality and low cost from other professional filter plate manufacturer. In that way, what is the suitable filter plates?

China Membrane Filter Plate Manufacturer.jpg

First, dimension. The new filter plates must match with the equipment, and its specification must as well as the old filter plate, such as: the filter plate length, width, height etc. If it has deviation, it will cause useless. 

Second, corner holes. Regarding corner holes, we, as the filter plate manufacturer, call them technical holes. It’s related the liquid discharging method, cake blowing, cake washing etc... So before we consult filter plate price, we must confirm the filter plate specifications. 

China Filter Plate Manufacturer_1.jpg

Third, supporting points. If the supporting points don’t match with old filter plates, it will cause filter plates break and bad filter press performance.

Forth, that is the filter plate material quality and processing technology. The material quality is very important. Our company produce PP filter plate, cast iron filter plates and the stainless steel filter plates. And they are all made of high quality materials and adopt advanced processing technologies(CNC milling machine ect.). It has high precision and good performance.

China Membrane Filter Plate.jpg

Finally, original specifications. Such as, the feeding pressure required, the temperature endured etc...If you want to import china filter plate, pls contact us. SINO FILTRATION will give you professional suggestions.

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