Why filter plate pack arch?

- Jun 28, 2017-

Lately we got an offer for filter press maintenance. They bought a filter press from one of leading China filter press manufacturer, but after using several times, filter plate pack will become arching while closing, so the machine can’t work stably. How to solve this problem? SINO FILTRATION, professional filter press manufacturer at China, here listed some normal solutions for your reference.

Filter Press Mantenance 2.jpg

First, check the filter clothes to ensure no solid left. Then open and close the filter plates several times. Second, pls check the structure to ensure level and the feet at the head plate side must be movable. Third, pls check the beams. If the beams bent downward, pls repair it and add side support feet. Finally, pls check the oil cylinder whether is level. If not, that will be a big trouble, that means the error of structure is too big, pls contact the supplier. Note: this point normally should be fond before delivery.

Filter Press Mantenance.jpg

We sincerely hope your plate filter press can works well all the time. If want to buy filter press, pls contact us to get professional filter press specifications. www.sinofilterpresses.com.

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