Why a filter press closing pressure reduce?

- Jun 26, 2017-

While filter press application, no matter Manual Jack Filter Press or Hydraulic Filter Press, if the closing pressure is not enough, the filter plates can not be closed as required. Thus the filter chamber will not meet the working need and will influence the filtering process. We only know the reasons, then can get a best filter press performance.

Filter Press Machine.jpg

The main ressons are followed:

1.The hydraulic oil is not enough. Please check the hydraulic oil before working, and the the oil level should above 1/3 part on the observation window. On the other hand, here we recommend plate filter press hydraulic oil adopts 42# or 46# wear-resisting hydraulic oil.
2.The seals broken. Pls check the oil hose connection whether has leakage. If yes, pls change the seals.
3.The one-way valve is broken. Pls wash it by clean petrol. If still can not work, pls check the valve. 
4.Pls adjust the relief valve to reach the rated pressure.
5.Pls check oil pipes in the tank whether are connected perfectly. If not pls install them.
6.Pls check the Filter Press Feed Pump whether broken. If broken pls change or repair.
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