The points to increase filter press working efficiency

- Mar 10, 2018-

Filter presses are used widely in many industries. Nowadays the filter presses basically are automatic and becomes more and more advanced, so the work efficiency shows much more important. As a China professional filter press manufacturer, here we are glad sharing some advice followed.

filter press with cloth washing.jpg

We know, while filter presses working, the filter cloth contacts materials, which often is corrosive, and it's used under high pressure, so after long time work, the solids will deposit on it. Once these particles accumulate, the filtering speed will reduce greatly, and this cause the work efficiency lower. When this happens, to improve filtering performance, the filter cloth on the filter press needs washing. First, the operator remove the filter cloth lightly from filter plates. Then dip them into the warm water with a little detergent. Finally wash them by hand or filter cloth washing device. 

To regenerate the filtering efficiency of a filter press, the best way is cloth washing. But before cleaning, you need to know the nature of filtered fluid and select the corresponding method. Take an example, when the liquid is acid, it's better to choose weak alkali, vice versa. If you need filter press pls call us now. 

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