Filter Press Application In Coal Industry

- Jul 29, 2017-

Side beam filter press is very welcomed as dewatering machine, and used in many industries, for example: coal industry. The coal is the largest and the most widely distributed conventional energy on the earth. And it’s widely used in industrial production and our life, such as:  steel, power plant and chemicals etc. But it might cause a serious environmental pollution, so normally the coal before sold will be washed to improve the quality. In this process, plate and frame filter press is a popular tools for dewatering.

In coal industry, coal washing is a necessary process. The raw coal has a lot of impurities to reduce the coal quality, so it must be processed before it can be used. According to the physical character, with the washing water,the impurities and the pollution can be removed from the raw coal and decrease the coal ash and sulfur. Finally coal is divided into different quality to meet the different demands.

After sieving and crushing, then the coal will be washed. Later the coal slurry is pumped into the filter press for dewatering. This process will need chamber filter press or hydraulic membrane filter press. The filtrate is discharged and recycled, and the washed coals (cleaned coal or coal tailing) are trapped and form filter cakes.

We have professional cleaning coal filter press. It has features of heavy duty design, big capacity, low cost and best filtering performance.

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