Filter Press Belt Conveyor

- Jun 17, 2017-

The conveyor system is a common carrying equipment that moves materials from one location to anther. For the filter press machine, the conveyor system mainly moves the filter cakes under the filter plates to the other location. It saves the labor consumption and improves the filter press efficiency. For filter presses, the conveyor system often use includes belt conveyor and screw conveyor.

In the actual filter press operation, the screw conveyor has higher cost and inconvenient maintenance, and for big filter press equipment, it has higher requirement on the screw, so normally we don’t recommend the screw conveyor for filter plate press.

Filter Press With Belt Conveyor_1.jpg

For the belt conveyor, it’s made of carbon steel and consists driven system, tensile system and the cake guard. Although it increase the cost of filter press, because of following advantages of filter press belt conveyor, so it’s a popular filter press function:
1.Higher working efficiency.
2.Simple structure.
3.Stable performance.
4.Wide range of application.
5.Big transportation capacity.
6.Smooth running.
7.Easy to maintain.

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