Filter press calculation

- Jul 25, 2017-

The suitable model is very important for the filter press. It can get the best filtering effect, the biggest filtering efficiency and the lowest filter press cost. So how to choose the suitable model?

Filter Press With Belt Conveyor_1.jpg

For the filter press calculation, we basically need to know the material capacity and the solid content. Then we can calculate the filter chamber volume. For example:The capacity of the material: V1(m3); The solid percentage: A1(%);The expected cake moisture:A2(%). Then The volume of the filter cake:V=V1*A1/(1-A2). Because the filter press chamber is used to store filter cake, so the cake volume is same as the filter press volume. This is the model calculation. Re the types of plate frame filter press, it's depend on the material features.

Generally, we suggest choose the filter press that has a bigger volume than the calculated value. SINO FILTRATE, as the professional filter press manufacturer, we have various filter press machine. If you have any question pls contact us. We can give you the best suggestion for the filter press.


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