How to chose a suitable filter press cloth?

- Jul 16, 2017-

The filter cloth is a filtering medium of the natural fiber or the synthetic fiber. And it mainly uses for liquid filtering and air filtering. For the filter press, it’s for liquid filtration. On the operating of the filter press, the filter clothes is the direct filtering medium. So the filter cloth selection is very important for the filtering effect. We can select the suitable filter press cloth according to the material nature and the filtering technological conditions to reach the best filtering effect and the filtering speed.

PP Filter Press Cloth.jpg

The filter cloth has different materials and knitted models, and the structure strength, air permeability and the thickness are also different, so the filtering effect is different. 1.For the filter cloth material, there are polypropylene fiber, polyester, polyamide and vinylon etc. And the polyester and the polypropylene (PP filter cloth) is the most popular. 2.according to the resistant temperature can divide into high temperature type filter cloth, middling temperature filter cloth and the room-temperature filter cloth. 3. according to the knitted model can divide into the woven filter cloth and the none-woven filter cloth etc.

The filter cloth has wide application, and it widely uses for chemicals, fertilizer, mining, petroleum, metallurgy, foodstuff, beverage, and the wastewater treatment etc. Want filter cloth price, pls contact us.

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