Why filter press cloth break?

- Apr 10, 2018-

The filter press cloth is an important factor for a filter press to separate solid and liquid. Why does filter cloth of filter press easily break? Besides the poor filter cloth quality, here are some other points.

Filter press cloth actually is a kind of industrial cloth, and it's spun by fiber material. So the cloth quality is decided by the material and the fiber types. The popular filter cloth material include polyester filter cloth, PP filter cloth, chinlon filter cloth and vinylon filter cloth. Different materials has different strength. Additionally, the quality of filter cloth that knitted by continuous fiber is better than that chopped fiber. In the process of filter cloth knitting, if the knitting is looser, the filtration effect will reduce greatly. On the contrary, if tighter, it will easily break. Additionally the cloth recommendation should also consider the liquid processing technology. 

The damage of filter cloth is not only caused by it's quality but might also some other reasons, such as filter plate, solid size, feeding pressure and so on. The rougher filter plate, bigger granules, higher pressure will much easier to cause cloth broken. After knowing those reasons, we can solve the problem easily. If you replace the filter cloth, please contact SINO right away. 

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