Filter Press Cloth Material

- Jul 17, 2017-

The filter cloth is a very important part of the filter press, because it will directly contact the material. And for the different materials, we can use the different filter cloth material to get the best filtering effect according to their different features.There are many kinds of the filter cloth materials, and it normally includes: polypropylene filter cloth, polyester, vinylon and the polyamide etc. And every material filter cloth has its own features.

Monofilament Filter Cloth.jpg

For the polypropylene fiber filter cloth (PP filter cloth), it has good strength, abrasive resistance, and chemical stability, so it be popularly used for the chemicals, ceramics, pharmacy etc.  PP monofilament filter cloth and  multifilament filter cloth is new developed with best qulatity and expensive price; for the polyester filter cloth (PE filter press), it has good temperature resistance, and can bear the max temperature about the 120℃ and it also has good the abrasive resistance and good acid resistance performance; for the vinylon filter cloth, it has the best alkali resistance performance, but for the acidic material, we don’t recommend it; for the polyamide filter cloth (PA filter cloth), that has the best abrasive resistance, so it mainly uses for the mining industry. But we don’t recommend it for the food industry, because it has a little of caprolactam unpolymerized (toxic).

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