The Methods of Filter Press Cloth Washing

- Jun 09, 2017-

Filter cloth is the very important part for filter presses, it directly contacts the material, so in the long time, it must have the residual solid, then it will directly affect the performances of filter press. Thus the filter cloth washing is very necessary. Now, we will introduce some normal the cloth washing methods of filter press.

Automatic Filter Press With Cloth Washing System.jpg

1.Traditional cloth washing methods
The traditional filter press cloth washing normally has three methods: hand washing, water gun, and filter cloth washing machine. Before washing, the
filter press cloth should put into some solutions to soften and neutralize the filter cloth (For acidic material, soak with alkaline liquid; for alkaline material, soak with acidic liquid). Those methods are cost saving, but lower efficiency. 

2.Automatic cloth washing device
With the development of technology, various automatic cloth washing system are developed. Popularly, the system is moving the washing devices to realize cloth washing function. And such devices include single pole cloth washing system and double poles cloth washing system. For some more advanced technology, it’s by moving the cloth to get best filtering efficiency.

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