Best sludge solution after filter press dewatering: drying and incineration

- Dec 14, 2017-

Generally speaking, “drying + incineration” is the best solution for sludge disposal. So the sludge dewatering machine and incineration equipment are the main issues. For sludge dewatering, hydraulic filter press is best choice, and final cake moisture can be 50-60% (municipal wastewater). For the incineration equipment, it will be different according various sludge nature and treatment technologies.

Sludge Drying Machine.JPG

With the development of such technologies, many new incineration technologies and machines are actually used in various fields. Take examples: fluidized bed combustion, waste incineration power generation, domestic waste mixture incineration etc... In China, there are lots of thermal power plant, cement kiln, brickkiln, so it supplied with many solutions for sludge incineration after pp filter press dewatering.

Why we regard incineration technology has huge potential? Mainly because following points: (A.)The waste disposal capacity is not enough. (B.)China has lots of incineration devices. This is a basic conditions. (C.)Recent years, our country has rich experience on waste incineration.(D.)Domestic policy support. For such project, the government will supply with fiscal subsidies. If you want to know more info on such devices and filter presses, pls contact us.   

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