Filter Press Drip Tray

- Jun 13, 2017-

Plate filter press has many flexible functions and the drip trip is one of them. The drip tray also names Bomb Door, and it’s a useful and popular filter press function. And as filter press manufacturer, we often recommend this device. It has some features: simple structure, easy operation and maintenance. Drip tray has several materials: PP, carbon steel and stainless steel. We mainly sell the stainless steel drip tray to ensure best filter press performance.

Filter Press Machine With Drip Tray.jpg

Functions of drip tray:
1.While filtering, it can collect the filtrate to prevent the drip liquid reaches belt conveyor or cake storage hopper.
2.While discharging, collect and guide the filter cakes.
3.For automatic cloth washing system of filter press, it must be equipped with drip tray to prevent the washing water spray.

Filter Press With Bomb Door.jpg

Operation principle of filter press:
While filtering, the both trays are closed. Because of capillary action of filter cloth, there might has some leakage falling on it and flowing to the water channels on the both sides. After filtering process is finished and before cake discharging, the PLC will send a electric signal to open it. Then it will collect and guide the filter cakes.If you have any question on
filter press specifications, pls contact us.

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