How to increase the filter press effect?

- Jun 21, 2017-

With the market development of industrial filtration equipment, the filter press demand also has a good progress. Regarding filter press machine, if it can meet the technical requirement, that will be a good plate filter press. When we buy a filter press, we mainly consider the serve life and the filtering effect. The both are related to the filter press operation and filter press maintenance. 

Filter Press Effect.jpg

For the filter presses, their main indexes of filtering performance are filter cake’s moisture and the filtrate clearness. Normally the lower moisture, the clearer filtrate, the better filtering performance. Here the filter cloth plays a role function.

Filter Plate Manufacturer.jpg

The filter press mainly rely on the filter clothes to realize the separation. However, after long time use, filter cloth might wear out or become hard, then the filter cloth will break, so filter clothes need frequent maintenance, for example, pls replace the broken filter cloth in time and wash the filter cloth after sever cycles. More methods to increase the filter press effect pls contact us.

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