How to improve the filter press efficiency

- Jul 04, 2017-

All the machines need right operation to improve their working efficiency. The filter press is a prefect equipment for solid-liquid separation. And the factors that affect operating condition include feeding pressure, feeding concentration and the operating level etc. In order to improve the plate frame filter operating condition and increase their filtering efficiency, we introduce some suggestion to improve the efficiency.

Filter Press Open Discharge.jpg

1. Proper feeding pressure
The feeding pressure, namely the filtering pressure, is the most import and depend on filter press design. Generally, the higher feeding pressure, the faster filtering speed. But if the feeding pressure is too high, it will cause problems, such as: break the filter plate, the filter frame, and the feeding pump etc. On the other hand, if the feeding pressure is too low, that will influence the subsequent filtration and discharging. So pls control the feeding pressure within the requirement pressure to get the best filtering performance. In addition to that, we can also adjust the valves to control the feeding pressure.

2. Proper feeding concentration
In theory, the higher feeding concentration, the easier the filter cakes to form, the shorter filtering cycle. But excessive feeding concentration will block the feeding hole, filter press plate, filter close, and the valve etc. And that crease bias pressure to break the machine. However, the feeding concentration is too low to form filter cake. So keeping the proper feeding concentration, that is one factor to improve the filter press filtering efficiency.

3.Proper solid size
For the filter press operation, the solid size is very important. Excessive feeding size not only decrease the filtering effect, but also wear the filter clothes and shorten their service life. But the feeding size is too low, that will block the filter close and don’t have best filtering effect.

These are suggestions to improve the filtering efficiency. If you have any question, pls contact us. We will give you the professional suggestion to improve filtering efficiency according to your production practice and production technique. More info pls contact us.

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