Filter press feed pumps

- Jul 18, 2017-

The filter press pump is a machine for the fluid transposition. However, according to the fucnction for a filter press, it mainly include: filter press feed pump, squeezing pump, washing pump, doing pump etc...For the filter press feed pump, it’s widely applicable to various industries, such as: the petroleum, chemicals, medicine, dyestuff, textile, printing and the sludge treatment etc. And the different materials will adopt the different feeding pumps. 

Pneumatic Membrane Pump.JPG

According to the pump spindle, it can be divided into the vertical type pump and the horizontal type pump. According to the operation principle, it can be divided into the pneumatic membrane pump, screw pump, centrifugal pump and plunger pump etc. Normally, the membrane pump is the best choice for the filter press.

pneumatic diaphragm pump.JPG

The suitable feeding pump will have good filtering performance, so pump selection is very important. There are some attentions:1.the pump flux (liquid capacity outputted in unit time). 2. the pump lift (pump head). 3. the materials PH value and whether it contents the organic solvent. 4. the materials solid size. 5. the materials temperature. 6. pump suction.  

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