Filter Press Flexible Functions

- Jun 12, 2017-

There are many filter press functions, such as, drip tray, belt conveyor etc... We can recommend them according to customer’s requirement or the material’s special nature. And every filter press functions have their own advantages. Although it will increase the filter press price, they make the filter press be more advanced and convenient to use.  

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Flexible functions of Filter Presses:
1.Drip Tray. The drip tray also names bomb door. The main function is to collect and guide the filter cakes while the cakes discharging.
2.Belt Conveyor. That function is to transport the cakes under the filter plates to reduce human consumption.
CGR filter plate. That is the special filter plate. It has better seal-ability and ensures no leakage.
4.Fast open system. The system can open more filter plates to discharge several filter cakes every time, so that increase the filtering efficiency.
5.Stainless steel coating. It’s used to meet food sanitary grade. For some applications, it requires more cleanliness, such as: foodstuff, beverage and cosmetic etc, then the stainless steel coating is the best choice.
6.Cloth washing system. It can regenerate the filter clothes and make the filter cloth much longer life-span.
7.Light safety curtain. This function is used as active safety protection. Once workers operated wrong, it can turn off all the actions to avoid risks. 

If you have any question on flexible functions of automatic filter press, pls contact us for filter press catalog.

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