Filter Press For Ceramic Industry

- Jul 03, 2017-

Ceramic industry include domestic ceramic, art ceramic, industrial ceramic etc. And the ceramic is made with clay that is a high viscosity soil, and it has good plasticity. As the raw material of ceramic, it must be processed by ball grinding mill, then will bed dewater for the other other steps. However, it’s not easy to dewater, so for ceramic industrial, special filter press is considered, especially the high pressure filter press is the best choose.

Round Filter Press.jpg

Normally, the round filter press is most popular for ceramic industry. Because the it has higher pressure than the others side bar filter press. While working, the clay slurry is pumped into the filter press to dewater. The liquid is discharged out the machine and the dried clay is trapped and form the filter cakes.

Ceramic Filter Press.jpg

Our round filter press, as the professional clay dewatering equipment, it has higher filtering efficiency and best filtering performance. It can meet your individual requirement.

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