Filter press for different sludge

- Dec 08, 2017-

As we know, filter press is suitable for various sludge dewatering, no matter municipal sludge or industrial sludge, and the Chinese filter press market is going very rapidly. Why? Here we analysis two aspects: sludge harmfulness, sludge solid content.

First, sludge harmfulness. As we know, waste water sludge, normally contents lots of organics and heavy metal, thus it will seriously pollutes the environment. If wastewater can not be disposed properly, will cause secondary pollution, which will bring further damages. Recent years, this situation is becoming to be a serious social problems, so this is a necessary condition.  

Filter Cakes of China Filter Press.jpg

Second, solid percentage. According to scientific calculation, if the solid content in the wastewater can increase from 0.5% to 1.5%, the sludge volume will decrease to 30%. If can reach to 5%, the sludge volume will decrease to around 10%. In this way, if use our membrane filter press, the final cake moisture can be 50-60%! The volume will be? Can not imagine. For filter press machine, this is a sufficient condition.

Sludge is by-product of wastewater treatment. Comparing foreign countries, in China, sludge is more complicated, that will has a higher requirement for a filter press manufacturer. SINO filter press machine has been CE certificated. Pls contact us for filter press data sheet.

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