Filter press for dying and printing wastewater dewatering

- Dec 22, 2017-

Dying and printing wastewater is one of popular industrial wastewater, and it has huge capacity and serious pollution. Detail speaking, it contains lots of heavy metals, high alkali, fibers etc... So it’s difficult to be dwatered by normal plate filter press.

China Wastewater dewateirng filter press.jpg

According to the producing steps, it include desizing waste water, kiering wastewater, bleaching sewage and mercerizing effluent etc... After wastewater pre-treatment, normally the solid content is around 2%. Then use our automatic membrane filter press to realize dry stack. And our high quality filter press cloth can realize very clean filtration. So that the filter cake are recycled for power plant and filtrate also will be reused.

Membrane filter press is advanced pp filter press, after traditional filtration, the membrane plates can press the cakes additionally. Thus the final cake moisture is lowest, and can highly improve the dewatering efficiency. And the final cake moisture can be about 55%. The most important, comparing with belt filter press, plate filter press can greatly decrease the final wast volume. If you want import China filter press, pls email us. 

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