Filter press used for making China dark brown sugar

- Apr 10, 2019-

Sugar is common in our life. Popularly sugar is made from saccharum officinarum or beet. In northwest China, beet is the main source, but in southeast, sugarcane is widely planted. In our daily life, normally it's white granulated sugar, which has been further processed at sugar refinery. Such sugar might contains some additives and most healthy elements are removed. So dark brown sugar is more and more welcomed. 

How to produce? After washing and cleaning, the sugarcane will be crushed and squeezed out the liquid, then use a food grade filter press to remove the fiber slags. Then the juice will be heated for 5-6 hours, so that evaporate the free water in it. Thus the sugar concentrate will increase. After that, the thicken juice will be cooled. While cooling, the sugar will crystallize to get the final sugar. Comparing with white sugar, it keeps the original nutrient of the sugarcane. 

Actually for industrial producing, the sugar juice will add some chemicals, such as, lime, food additives etc., so that make the sugar looks much more beautiful. While sugar refinery also need pp filter press, but then FPS will be specially designed to meet industrial demand. It's filter plates and filtering processes will be totally different with normal. If want to know more info please consult us immediately. 

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