Filter press for paper-making industry

- Aug 08, 2017-

Filter press has good using effect on the paper-making industry. The paper-making industry adopts high temperature and the high pressure to remove the cellulose and produce the paper pulp by the wood, straw, reed and rag raw materials etc. On the operating, the final discharging non-cellulose parts will became the paper-making black liquid, which includes lignin, cellulose and the volatile organic acid etc, and that have big pollution and odor. SINO FILTRATION have professional sludge filter presses. It can treat the paper-making sludge perfectly to meet wastewater discharging requirement.

For the paper-making wastewater, it will be processed via the sludge adjusting tank, sludge tank, clear water tank, hydrolysis tank and secondly precipitating tank etc. After the sludge adjusting and the secondly precipitating, the sludge will go into the sludge tank to dewater. Normally, someone use the recessed filter press for it, but the wastewater contain lots of fiber, so we recommend the membrane filter press according to the experience. Our membrane filter press has bigger capacity, lower filter cakes moisture and the best filtering effect. After dewatering, the filter cakes can be treated furture to get the drier cakes, and it can burn to produce the new energy.

If you want to know the performance of the filter press, pls tell us.

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