Filter Press For Photovoltaic Industry

- Jul 31, 2017-

Chamber Membrane Filter Plate 02.jpg

The photovoltaic industry is the emerging strategic industry. With the rise of the solar power industry, the photovoltaic industry has also been pushed to a peakedness. In the early years, for the photovoltaic wastewater, we normally use the hydraulic filter press to treat. With the development of the science and the technology, the automation of filter press also improves a lot, and the photovoltaic industrial materials have a little viscosity, so we normal use the fully automatic membrane filter press.

The fully automatic membrane filter press is controlled by PLC, and it can work with the drip tray, belt conveyor etc. It has high automation, good operating performance and best filtering effect. While operating, it can realize “one button” operation. This filter press not only can greatly decrease the labor strength, but also improve the filtering press efficiency. Especially, it uses the membrane squeezing to get the lower filter cakes moisture, and will be easier to discharge.

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