Fast open Filter Press For Sale

- Jun 14, 2017-

SINO FILTRATION, Professional China filter press manufacturer, beside filter press for sale, we will give more recommend suggestions for your individual needs to realize best filter press performance. Fast open system is one of flexible filter press functions.

For normal automatic filter press, it just discharges cakes one by one, thus the efficiency is low. On the base of the automatic discharging, the fast open system is invented and it can open more filter plates every time.

Fast Open Filter Press.jpg

Fast open system adopts longer hydraulic cylinder and filter plate groups are connected by chains, so that the filter cakes can be discharged with higher efficiency. This device will make the whole filter press machine longer.

While discharging, the first filter plate will be opened by automatic plate shifter, then the others of the filter plate group will also driven out through chains on the handles, so that it can discharge several  cakes at one time. So the fast open system can highly improve the filter press efficiency. It mainly recommended for the big filter presses, such as mining filter press, kaolin filter press etc...

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