Filter press for Security Door Factory Waste Water

- Jun 20, 2020-

In China, security doors have huge demand. It's production is mainly divided into five major procedures: metal working, welding, surface treatment, assembly, inspection and packaging. While surface processing, it mainly includes 5 steps: pretreatment, polishing, plastic spraying, watermill, painting. This will produce lots of waste water. 

For pretreatment, it will use alkaline to remove oil in advance, then use acid to remove rust. After that, will be disposed by neutralization and washing. Then further chemical treatment is required. Later it will be polished by grinding machine. Following that, thermosetting powder coating will be sprayed on doors. Then solidify in the oven and form a bright protective layer. Finally, it will be washed again.

It is not difficult to dispose the waste water produced from the security door manufacturers. The solid-liquid separation can be realized effectively by our filter press. After sludge dewatering, filter cakeds will be discharged one by one by plate shifters. Plate frame filter press has following advantages: large handling capacity, long service life, higher automation, stable operation, low cake moisture and cost saving. Please contact us for specifications and prices.

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